Since hotels have been eagerly putting ‘heads in beds’ after last year’s lockdowns, capturing more than just the nightly rate for each booking has become a larger focus. That said, let’s get right into what you can do at your hotel to increase the revenue per booking.

1. Utilize your unused common space

Collaborative workspaces were already popular prior to the pandemic, especially with boutique hotels. In some cities, these hotels were a haven for the ‘digital nomad’ and allowed a great space to get work done, have a drink, and enjoy a unique vibe. Many people are seeking alternative spaces to work online, especially since many workers no longer need to report to an office or, at least, a reduced number of days per week. That leaves a gap for hotels to customize the previously ‘limited’ use of those common spaces. Designating tables for ‘workspaces’ and setting hourly or day rates are just a couple of minor changes that can easily convert to regular revenue.  

2. Give locals a discount

In tandem with the previous point, locals are more likely to frequent the hotel whether it is to ‘knock out’ some last minute work on the laptop or have a drink or two at the bar. Marketing a discount to locals beyond the bar, for the spa, restaurant, and other amenities is a small gesture but means something to those in the neighborhood and city. Many hotel bars already draw a decent number of patrons but adding an additional discount to that glass of wine or wellness treatment will have more than just the happy hour crowd on Friday bringing in some cash.

3. Sell local goods and exclusive experiences

Partnering with local artisans to boost brand credibility and drive ancillary sales is a great way to drive traffic to the local makers and vice versa. Addition to collaborations with other specific businesses, hotels can also offer guests ‘green’ experiences to assist with the local environment so that they feel they are not just utilizing the resources of that hotel or city but, rather, giving something back and helping. Many travelers these days look for places they can immerse themselves in and leave a light carbon footprint.

4. Focus on wellness activities

Wellness is a huge interest and the market is only growing. Hotels are not immune to this trend and should not be. Embracing all aspects of wellness, health, and safety protocols are key for attracting and retaining clients. Not only do customers want to know that all precautions were taken to provide a clean and sanitary environment but also the option to exercise, recharge, and feel healthy while traveling and staying outside their home. Consider adding offerings that give guests opportunities to be in nature or yoga classes even if not on the hotel premises. Also, in terms of food & beverage, there are plenty of health-conscious drinks and other items to offer in addition to the standard bottled water and juice that sits in the fridge for days.

5. Offer customizable packages

Offering standard packages such as a fruit basket or champagne on arrival won’t cut it anymore. Rather, building customizable packages that suit each guest’s needs are much more enticing than something that has been bought in bulk and is typically not of interest to most people. Give guests a list to choose specific items from that would enhance their experience and, thus, something they would truly appreciate. Also, knowing what items each guest chooses will give you the upper-hand for their next stay by pre-empting their needs and gaining more insight as to what other things they may enjoy that they didn’t think of…but you did.

6. Offer on-demand childcare

If your hotel is an adults-only property then this may not be an option for you. However, most hotels are more than happy to accommodate families with children and many offer specific items and services to facilitate a more pleasant stay. That said, one aspect hotels don’t consider is childcare. Given that many parents are working remotely they need options to have their children taken care of while they focus on work so that they can afford to continue to frequent your hotel. If in-house childcare services are unrealistic, teaming up with a business in the area is a great way to offer those services, and outsource a caretaker to come to the hotel, when there is a demand. 

7. Have dog-friendly services and amenities

Making guests feel welcome is top priority and nowadays many travel with their pets which means pets are a factor to consider. Offering pet-friendly rooms is one thing but if your hotel is unable to do so, offering on- or off-site pet services so that guests know they can travel and not have to be concerned about leaving their pets behind is key. More importantly, guests being able to choose the hotel they prefer to stay in because the hotel addressed any pet concerns is a great way to show that you care about their total experience.

8. Sell hotel products

This may be the most obvious but not all hotels are eager to spend the time and market the items they work so hard to procure for the in-room clients. Branded items offered in the rooms are a great way to market to overnight guests but putting those items in the shop or lobby will have the walk-in customer do a double-take and possibly purchase some products before heading to the bar. Furthermore, these items can be shipped out to guests when they are unable to stay at the hotel as not only something they can use but also as a reminder to book with your hotel knowing that you will give them a great experience during their next stay.

Many of the ideas listed above can be part of an à la carte menu of creative offerings guests would welcome. Offering the best experience is top priority for your hotel and connecting with guests is what retains them. These days, connecting with clients goes beyond the interaction while at the hotel and moves outside the doors to the local neighborhood and even greater surrounding areas. Non-room revenue offerings can be prioritized based on profitability and can also contribute to your hotel’s competitiveness in the marketplace.

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