While people have been making the most of the summer to freely move about the globe relative to last year, we all thought that COVID-related restrictions were so 2020. Unfortunately, the Delta variant is causing governments to rethink the policies that have been put in place in an effort towards normalcy. Despite large amounts of the population in the US and other countries being vaccinated, the new variant is causing an increase in cases and worrying those in charge of people’s health and safety as well as those looking to ramp up on their travel destinations. 

If you have had enough of the experience-crushing protocols and are concerned about your next trip, here are some of the relevant topics we have researched for you given what we know so far.  

Booking a fall trip

The experts say that travel depends on your health status and the epidemiological situation in your destination. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), those with underlying conditions should reconsider traveling abroad even if vaccinated and they now offer country-specific travel guidance. Travel could be risky for the immunocompromised even if vaccinated but we are not experts and after almost two years of the pandemic everyone has had their fair share of experiences and can decide for themselves how to move forward this fall. 

Destinations staying open

The rules are continually changing and updating for each country and for the Caribbean Islands, the time frame for visitors to acquire a negative coronavirus test has shortened from five days to three prior to arrival. Planning a trip outside The Americas, such as Europe, will require more research to navigate each country’s seemingly ever-changing rules. Therefore, the easiest and most popular destinations for North and South Americans to travel to right now are Mexico and the Caribbean.

Protecting your travel plans

If you are going to travel this fall, the first thing you should invest in is travel insurance. Most US-health insurance providers do not cover people abroad and with changing rules to COVID-19 in terms of travel, your current insurance provider may have changed their policies as well. For a great list of international insurance plans check out this list. If these providers are good enough for digital nomads, they are more than sufficient for a short-term fall tip. Also, as we have advised early on in the pandemic, easy change/cancellation policies for flights and hotel bookings are still important and most airlines and hotels will offer some level of flexibility. 

Final thought

Regardless of restrictions, virus case numbers, and general sentiment it is most important to remain positive and hopeful. Nature will run its course and the best way to cope is to adjust accordingly without losing sight on what matters most to each individual. These are strange times but any student of history will tell you that stranger things have happened before and we, as a people, have overcome. 

That said, do what you feel is best for you even if you have to make a few adjustments based on current policies and protocols. If a fall trip is what you are after, do your research and find out what destinations align to your travel goals.  

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