With countless hotels to choose from as you stroll on Tulum’s unforgettable white sand beaches or explore its magical jungle further inland, you find that the best places are those that emphasize a strict code to adhere to nature’s beauty while, at the same time, offering all of the comforts and experiences of modern life. That said, Tulum is an enchanting place to recharge and awaken your spiritual as well as your physical and mental side. 

Therefore, it is no coincidence that our top hotels in Tulum all encompass a balance and harmony with nature and so much so that, if you happened to walk by, you may have not noticed where nature starts and the hotel begins. Whichever location you choose, we believe you will find that ‘one thing’ you are looking for not just in the hotel but in the experience your soul craves.

Jashita Hotel

aerial view of hotel with pool and palm trees
Photo: Courtesy of Jashita Hotel

A boutique luxury hotel located on Soliman Bay, one of Tulum’s private and most exclusive beaches. The hotel dedicates 30 lavish suites to its guests offering the necessary attention and space to both adults and children whether it is to relax, pamper, or play.

Highlights—private beach, Coaba Spa & Yoga Studio, in-house boutique OnceMilano, fishing & diving, ThousandandOne terrace, children & adult pools, beach bar, kayaking & paddleboarding, Pandano restaurant

For more information see: jashitahotel.com

Be Tulum Beach & Spa Resort

terrace view of hotel pool, common grounds, and Caribbean Sea
Photo: Courtesy of Be Tulum Beach & Spa Resort

Created to capture the tranquility and energy of a magical location between a tropical forest and white sand beaches that wash into the Caribbean sea, Be Tulum was built with local materials that allows for a seamless experience from hotel to nature. The 64 villas offer various views along with sophisticated interior, designer furniture and private pools.

Highlights—cash-free, Yaan Wellness Spa, meditation classes, indoor copper tubs, rooftop terraces with pools, private gardens, raw food bar, two restaurants, beach bar

For more information see: betulum.com

Nest Tulum

thatch roof hotel with natural wooden furniture overlooking the beach with palm trees
Photo: Courtesy of Nest Tulum

Embedded in an intimate native beach setting, Nest Tulum is one of the original properties on Tulum Beach. In a nod to the area’s rich cultural history, this hotel makes a true effort to resonate with the ancient traditions of the Mayan civilization and maintain authenticity through its minimalist design, evoking the term ‘natural simplicity’, and blending in with its surroundings. 

Highlights—experiences ranging from ceremonies and classes to sailing and snorkeling, room and villa accommodations, restaurants with locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients, beach access

For more information see: nesttulum.com

La Valise Tulum

aerial view of hotel with three thatched villa roofs embedded in a tropical jungle
Photo: Courtesy  of La Valise Tulum

A luxury boutique hotel enveloped in quaint local architecture, that seamlessly dissolves into the natural backdrop of this tropical paradise. Enjoy the serenity and beauty that only such a unique property can provide, capturing the magic and charm of this dream-like spot on the Yucatán Peninsula.

Highlights—impeccable and highly personalized service, on-site and nearby sister restaurants, located in a quiet stretch of beach, artfully crafted rooms, all wellness services and offerings and activities that you would expect

For more information see: lavalisetulum.com


hotel domed-room made up of wood with accents of stone, including a pool, bed, and furniture
Photo: Courtesy of Azulik

Azulik exists so that you can reconnect with nature, yourself, and that undefined spiritual realm. It is a sanctuary in the heart of the Mayan jungle that allows all to experience the harmony between nature and art as an escape from the shifting unbalance of contemporary life.

Highlights—no electric light, A/C, or television, traditional and modern restaurants, boutique shop showcasing local artists, ancient wellness treatments, art collections

For more information see: azulik.com

Nômade Tulum

woman in native dress preparing an candles to perform an ancient healing treatment or ceremony
Photo:  Courtesy of Nômade Tulum

A concept built around balance, incorporating ancient traditions and modern local culture, Nômade Tulum is a purist’s delight for wellness and all things centered around a holistic approach. The purpose of this location is to organically become a part of your surroundings for the sake of harmony and utilize the facilities to achieve your idea of perfect balance.

Highlights—cashless hotel, accommodations consisting of rooms, tents, suites, and treehouses, wellness programs, ancient Mayan healing treatments, unique selection of music for all areas and activities, sacred fire rituals, cacao ceremonies, plant-based restaurant concept called Macondo as well as a fresh seafood spot called La Popular

For more information see: nomadetulum.com

Hotel Esencia

clear turquoise-colored sea with a small sail boat looking on a white sand beach in the forefront with a beach hotel in the background
Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Esencia

Midpoint between Tulum and Playa del Carmen is Hotel Esencia, a 50-acre estate where the main house was originally built as a private hideaway for an Italian duchess and later became the hotel you have now. With 42 suites and 3 villas, the massive resort allows for an expansive experience both physically as well as mentally given all of the wellness services available and almost any activity you can imagine at a tropical beach resort.

Highlights—close to many ancient sites and attractions, an array of restaurants, countless sports, numerous bars and clubs, spa & health club, a plethora of amenities ranging from chauffeur-driven cars to private trainers and everything in between

For more information see: hotelesencia.com

Habitas Tulum

thatched roof hut with pillows and carpet looking right in front of a white sand beach with blue water
Photo: Courtesy of Habitas Tulum

Considered a sustainable sanctuary, Habitas Tulum consists of palapa roofs, canvas walls, and fine linens. This setting of man-made construction is ‘woven into the fabric’ of the tropical Tulum jungle and the white sand beach of the Caribbean Sea. Each home is a unique habitat that provides at least 500 ft2 of private space equipped with all of the necessary comforts to enjoy a genuine local beach experience.  

Highlights—Moro restaurant, Mayan-inspired wellness practices and treatments, live music concerts, private pools and terraces

For more information see: ourhabitas.com/tulum

Papaya Playa Project Tulum

unique ancient-inspired hotel villas with modern construction dotting the jungle landscape
Photo: Courtesy of Papaya Playa Project Tulum

A communal playground for the creative community, Papaya Playa Project (PPP) intertwines the natural landscape with an urban and modern essence. PPP, together with Design HotelsTM, envisioned a sustainable and responsible hotel for Tulum and have magnificently done so as in what it means to work with nature, achieving that balance, and setting an example for others to follow.

Highlights—sustainable projects, accommodations consisting of villas, casitas, and cabañas, tour center & diving school, Sian Ka’an water sports, wellness programs, spa & traditional Mayan steam bath, local organic restaurants 

For more information see: papayaplayaproject.com

Hotel Bardo

calm pool in the forefront with contemporary lounge chairs and couches and stone structures and topical plants in the background
Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Bardo

Distinctive design with contemporary luxury, Hotel Bardo was created for what they call ‘pathfinders’ who are those where travel means continued transformation through experience. The values of this hotel are at the forefront and they consist of connected—the natural elements invite us to connect to the world around us, intentional—belief that experiences are personal and meaningful by creating moments of introspection and mindfulness, and transformative—deep experiences are the medium that can lead to finding oneself spiritually and emotionally.

Highlights—loft and private jungle villas, traditional Mayan wellness experiences, spa & healing center, signature restaurant & bar, pool 

For more information see: hotelbardo.mx/en

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